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How Forgiveness Can Save Your Life

Everyone has a story. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anybody can start today and make a new tomorrow. Forgive to Live can help you start a better journey.

How Does it Work?

In conjunction with Florida Hospital and the Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Dick Tibbits conducted a study of how anger and forgiveness affect health. The findings of this study became the Forgive to Live program.

Facilitated across six self paced topics, the Forgive to Live course is conducted in three parts.

1 - Learning: Dr. Tibbets delivers a short presentation explaining his findings about forgiveness and how to incorporate this knowledge in facilitating your own forgiveness journey.

2 - Self Reflection: A series of questions prompts you to reflect and engage in your forgiveness journey

3 - Inspiration (optional step): Watch a testimony from someone who has gone through their own forgiveness journey, and discover the application within their story.

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What’s in the Program?

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My Life is Your Fault

Many people blame others for the problems in their life, but who is ultimately responsible for your happiness?

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Living Rent-Free in Your Head

We are affected emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually when we continually relive the hurts of the past.

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Choosing Forgiveness

Our future happiness is determined by the choices that we make today. As someone once said, "All the flowers of all our tomorrows are in the seeds of today."

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Reframing the Past

Reframing helps you to see the actions of those who you feel have wronged you, as well as your reaction, with new insights that enable you to see things outside the narrow perspective of your hurt.

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From Bitter to Better

Continual anger can make your life and the lives of those around you miserable and unhappy. Recognising your anger is an important step in being able to forgive.

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Personal Forgiveness

Guilt and shame can cause us to live under a cloud of self-condemnation which can produce the same unhappiness and negative affects as being hurt by others.

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“ Have you tried forgiveness before and failed? Want to know how you can effectively forgive so you can move on with your life? I invite you to participate in the Forgive to Live program online, so you can let go of your past, and move on to a new and more exciting future”

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