De-stress and thrive

Do you want to manage your stress and experience greater happiness?

De-stress & Thrive is an exciting new resource developed to help you develop emotional intelligence and resilience so you can buffer the stress of life. De-stress & Thrive offers simple solutions for complex problems and shares principles and skills applicable to most stressful situations.

How does it work?

Each week, you will engage in a group session with others on the same journey. Your facilitator will deliver a presentation that teaches you strategies to manage your stress then will guide you through a new stress management technique.

Throughout the week, you will perform weekly challenges which can be logged on the ELIA app and shared with the group each week.

This provides opportunities to provide feedback and encouragement from each other as you share and discuss your challenges.

Participate in an engaging facilitated event format (from AU$25),
Research shows that facilitated event engagement achieves better results.

Facilitated Event Price
Facilitated events are conducted by trained partners who may offer additional services on an event by event basis depending on the needs of the area and attendees. For facilitated events, check the event details for the final price.

What’s in the Program?

Dst cover01

The Stress of Life

Is all stress bad? Get the facts on stress and start making stress work for you, not against you!

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Awareness and Relaxation

Why do so many people feel so stressed? Learn what is triggering your stress and how to activate the relaxation response.

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Your Lifestyle and Stress

Did you know that your lifestyle habits can impact your coping capacity? Discover lifestyle strategies to defuse your stress.

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Mental Strategies to Manage Stress

Give your stress a Time-out! Use setting boundaries and other mental strategies to show your stress who’s boss!

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Emotional Strategies to Manage Stress

Get the support you need to help you flourish. You’ll be grateful if you do!

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Sensory Strategies to Manage Stress

Engage your senses and learn new strategies to relax. Get the bigger picture.


AUTHOR - Dr. Luiz Fernando Sella

Medical Doctor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Health and Wellness Coach.