ELIA Kitchen

ELIA Kitchen – your trusted source for healthy meal choices

ELIA Kitchen takes the guesswork out of making healthy meal choices by showcasing tasty dishes curated by our resident nutritionist.

How does it work?

ELIA Kitchen includes 6 sessions run by trained facilitators.

Learn how to cook healthy dishes with live demonstrations and nutritional information for each recipe. Supporting resources are then available online to provide you with a back-up reference to demonstrations, including 2-minute refresher videos and printable recipe cards.

Participate in an engaging facilitated event format(from AU$25).
Research shows that facilitated event engagement achieves better results.

Facilitated Event Price
Facilitated events are conducted by trained partners who may offer additional services on an event-by-event basis depending on the needs of the area and attendees. For facilitated events, check the event details for the final price.

What’s in the Program?

Cover breakfast


Start your day with healthy body fuel

Cover lightmeals

Light Meals

Tasty treats from around the world

Middle eastern

Middle Eastern

Exotic flavours from the Middle East



Wholesome and hearty-tummy warmers



Crispy fresh salads from nature’s garden



Delicious guilt-free desserts


AUTHOR - Dr. Lillian Kent

Dr Lillian Kent graduated from Melbourne University with degrees in Microbiology and Biochemistry, Deakin University with PhD and Master in Public Health, and The Australian National University with a Masters in Applied Epidemiology. She is a senior research fellow in the Lifestyle Research Centre at Avondale College of Higher Education, a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and a Registered Public Health Nutritionist with the Australian Society of Nutrition. Her research interests focus on the relationship between lifestyle and the prevention, treatment and reversal of chronic disease, particularly in LMICs.