Retirement Ready

Retirement is not just about the money. Get the bigger picture!

Retirement Ready offers a personal and practical guide to making the most of the exciting opportunities of retirement, and meeting its inevitable challenges. While life is uncertain, planning for this stage of life gives the best possibilities for living well in retirement.

How does it work?

Retirement Ready doesn’t just look at finances. It helps you prepare for your retirement in a whole-of-life way.

Retirement Ready consists of 6 workshops, with each session lasting 1 hour 15 minutes. Filmed experts provide the information, paired with facilitated group discussions.

Each session ends with challenges to complete at home and discuss at the next workshop. This provides opportunities to receive feedback and encouragement from each other as you share and discuss your challenges.

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Participate in an engaging facilitated event format(from AU$35).
or the more engaging facilitated event format (from AU$75).
Research shows that facilitated event engagement achieves better results.
Price includes the book Retirement Ready?
Extra postage costs apply for deliveries outside Australia.

Facilitated Event Price
Facilitated events are conducted by trained partners who may offer additional services on an event-by-event basis depending on the needs of the area and attendees. For facilitated events, check the event details for the final price.

What’s in the Program?

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Planning Your Retirement

Retirement – coming ready or not. Are you preparing for your future? Retirement as your next career. Are you getting ready?

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Money Matters - How to Prepare Financially

How much is enough? Will your reality match your dreams?

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Staying Healthy

Will you be fit enough to enjoy your retirement?

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Keeping your Brain Healthy

Use it or lose it. What you need to do to keep your brain healthy. Will your brain last the distance? Boot camp for the brain.

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Strengthening Relationships Before Retirement

Finders Keepers. Finding and keeping quality relationships in readiness for retirement.

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Your Retirement is Your Retirement

You are unique. So is your retirement. So choose your path.

“ Many people look forward to retirement as potentially the best time of their lives, -but that won’t happen without planning and preparation.
“Retirement Ready?” offers a personal and practical guide to making the most of the exciting opportunities of retirement and meeting its inevitable challenges. ”
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AUTHOR - Dr. Bruce Manners

Dr. Bruce Manners is an experienced retiree, a former church pastor and magazine editor, and an active writer and speaker.