What is the evidence of how spirituality can affect health outcomes?

Dr Zeno Charles-Marcel explores evidence to see if spirituality has any affect on health outcomes.

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Dr. Zeno Charles-MarcelMD
Dr. Zeno L Charles-Marcel loves learning and teaching and has advanced the practice and promotion of Lifestyle Medicine in the US and around the globe and was involved in “disease reversal” when the term was only whispered.  His formal studies include Physics and Physiology (McGill University), Zoology and Human Medicine (Howard University), Internal Medicine (Loma Linda University) and International Leadership (University of Arizona).  He has held faculty appointments at Andrews University (Public Health) and University of Colorado (Research).  He maintains appointments at Loma Linda University and at Montemorelos University where he was Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences (2002-2012.)  Dr. Charles-Marcel is an academic physician, hospital administrator, researcher, medical missionary (with his family), inventor, author, journal editor and all-media public speaker-educator.  As Medical Director of the Lifestyle Center of America, he co-founded the first post-graduate medical fellowship in Lifestyle Medicine in the US.  Later, he was Medical Director of Philadelphia’s “76-tons-of-Fun” wellness initiative with Philadelphia’s Health Czar, Gwen Foster, and continues to be engaged in community health promotion globally.